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Here is your Step by Step Guide

To Write Your Business Proposal

Step 1

Think like your client

Nothing is more important than taking time and stopping and thinking like your potential client.  You need to know what it takes for your client to see success and how you can get them there.  You need to explain how you can fix their problem or alleviate their pain point.  
What would they want to see in a proposal?  

Step 2

Create an Outline

Find a basic outline structure that you like.  Things like relavant work history, your work history, and then your plan of action for the project, then a budget.  But it's all up to your industry.  Do NOT dwell too much on past clients, everyone's favorite subject is themself.   That means if you are thinking like your client give them more attention than your past clients, have that information in there - but keep the focus on the new client.  

Step 3

Set your budget

Setting budgets and pricing is typically one of the most difficult parts of a propsal for many young startups or consultants.  Make sure not to under-estimate your time.  In the long run it's better to ask for what you need and not just a low ball figure to get the client.  You don't want to win the bid and then be resentful that you aren't paid enough.  For some of you you have set prices so its easy, but for others think about your time in blocks of a week and how many hours this client will use of your time, then price it.  

Step 4


This is probably one of the lost arts of a business proposal, but for many of you understanding that your proposal is a starting point and not an end point might actually be helpful.  Let your potential client know that upfront.  Tell him or her that this proposal is to spur a discussion, almost like a dinner menu.  Give people the 'gold plan' and the 'bronze plan' and see how they respond.